SPS Media Renders Video Production Services for Amnesty Internationals Ambassador of Conscience Awards Ceremony

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Amnesty international is a London based organization dedicated to fighting against human rights injustices around the world. Annually the organization holds the Ambassador of Conscience Awards Ceremony to celebrate public figures and individuals that continually fight against human rights injustices.

This year, the ceremony will hold in Senegal, and one of the people they have chosen to celebrate during the awards ceremony is Fela Kuti who lived his life fighting political injustice through his music. The Afrobeat legend, who passed away in 1997, had been frequently imprisoned by the government because of his frequent criticisms of perceived injustices they perpetrated.

The Ambassador of Conscience Awards ceremony is a highly renowned ceremony and is attended by lots of influential people around the world. As a result, it was important for Amnesty International to  work with a highly-skilled video production company in Lagos Nigeria to deliver high-quality video footage for the event.

This is why Amnesty International hired SPS Media to execute the job. Amnesty International needed to film a documentary in which Fela Kuti’’s son, Femi Kuti, reflects on his father’s legacy. And so SPS Media filmed the documentary in Lagos, Nigeria. A high quality video production was the result, as we delivered beyond the brief/scope of work that was given to us.

Our team visited home of afrobeat in Lagos Nigeria “The African shrine” where we interviewed Femi Kuti, filmed the bands and conveyed the story through dynamic and great quality images.

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